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By | June 28, 2023

A viral video has recently resurfaced on social media regarding 18+ Link Robert Godwin Video Reddit Robert Godwin Twitter which of course, for those of you who are looking for this information, you can see our review below until it’s finished.

The viral video which is currently trending in the media, especially the Twitter platform, which of course has been circulating widely on social media and other platforms at this time, to listen to the information more clearly, click here.

A news report from the Ohio family about the death of the recorded shooting and the video has now spread, lots of people have uploaded the page or video so it’s not surprising that the video is currently trending.

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Robert Godwin Video Reddit Robert Godwin Twitter

The family of an Ohio man whose shooting death was caught on video and posted on Facebook has sued the social media network. The lawsuit, filed on January 19 by the family of Robert Godwin Sr., alleges that the social media network was negligent and failed to alert authorities to possible threats.

Steve Stephens is credited as the man who shot and killed Godwin on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017, posting a video of the fatal shooting on Facebook. Godwin, 74, was shot at close range while walking home. After a national manhunt, Stephens was sighted in Erie, Pa., two days later. After a police chase, Stephens shot himself, police said.

Police initially said Stephens broadcast the shooting on live streaming service Facebook Live, but he actually posted the video footage on Facebook.

The lawsuit claims Stephens wrote a Facebook post with threatening thoughts on Easter Sunday, minutes before he documented the fatal shooting.

We want people to feel safe using Facebook, which is why we have policies that prohibit direct threats, attacks, serious threats to public and private safety, and other criminal activity.

We give people the tools to report content that violates our policies, and take swift action to remove violating content when it is reported to us,” said Natalie Naugle, Facebook’s associate general counsel in a statement.

Our sympathies with the victims’ families, who have experienced such a tragic and senseless loss. Violent incidents led to Facebook issuing a statement and Mark Zuckerberg addressing the incident at the company’s annual developer conference.

Robert Godwin Video Reddit

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