3 Variety of Types of Agricultural Technologies, What Are Their Use?

By | April 2, 2022

Many people say, that doing business in agriculture is difficult and riveting. But you know, if we do business in agriculture it could be a form of devotion as Indonesian citizens known for its abundant natural wealth.

But certainly before you go into agriculture and do business, you’re obliged to know about what are the easy and profitable agricultural technologies that would benefit prospective start-ups farmers?

One factor that determines success in growing crops, is the availability of agricultural tools in both small and large sizes. As technology developed, modern farming tools were created that made it easier for farmers to perform their duties.

Types of Agricultural Technologies

3 Variety of Types of Agricultural Technologies, What Are Their Use?

As time goes by and agricultural technology becomes more sophisticated, the outstanding prospects of agricultural business will also increase.

So that you could leverage the latest technology from this field of agriculture, to help your agricultural business get more profitable. Then what are some of the latest agricultural technologies that could be used to help your agricultural business?

Although some farmers still use traditional farming tools. Yet it still has to know modern farming tools in order to be able to compete with other countries. By its function, modern agricultural tools are differentiated into 3 categories:

1. Ground Processing Apparatus

Constitute soil treatment tools used to fertilize and inflate soil before entering the planting process. For example, a tractor device utilized for cultivating soil. Then the rotavator is a ground processing device that divides into two stages. The first stage of processed processing is carried out by flipping the soil, cutting and enumerating.

2. Modern Planting and Care Tools

These tools exist to make it easier for farmers to grow crops. The workings of modern planting machines are by putting seeds or seedlings into the fleshy soil.

Examples include: Potato Crop Machine, Corn Crop Machine, Rice Crop Machine, Fertilizer Weaving Machine, Water Spraying Machine, Irrigation Machine, and Soil Cover Machine.

3. Modern Harvesting Tools

The presence of modern harvesting tools makes it easier for farmers to collect large quantities of crops. With this tool, farmers can save time, as well as the necessary power. The following are some modern harvesting tools to be aware of:

  1. Grain Harvester
  2. Cotton Picking Machine
  3. Potato Harvesting Machine
  4. Corn Harvesting Machine
  5. Rice Harvesting Machine
  6. Candle Harvesting Machine

And what Indonesian farmers are beginning to cultivate is, the use of mulch over horticultural crops such as onions, pineapples, chili peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries and flower cabbages to improve the production quality of plants under cultivation.

With mulch, the plants under cultivation are guaranteed to grow more fertile and of higher quality.

Final Words

Not to replace, technology only plays a role of improving agricultural productivity and performance. The benefits that are obtained are also not only in terms of the yields that will be reaped later, but technology exists to accelerate farmers’ performance.

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