4 Application Recommendations for Monitoring Growing Children

By | April 16, 2022

Nowadays, various information is becoming easier to obtain with smartphones and the internet.

You can get any information just by sliding the gadget screen. Includes tentative information the development of the Little One.

Various applications are popping up to help monitor growing children, such as mot development every week, even to the point of stimulation so that the child can develop according to its growth stages.

Come on peep at some of the growing children’s apps you can choose from!

Monitoring Growing Children

4 Application Recommendations for Monitoring Growing Children

1. Bumil’s Friends

We’re the Crown Prince The Little One is still in the womb. Bumil’s friend is one app suitable for use.

In it be many references a pregnant mother could use in passing her gestation period.

Bumil’s friend has interesting content. For example, there are several stages or preparations from pregnancy to child birth ran for expectant mothers, which are checlic in shape.

It’s going to leave you in seeing the extent to which the prospective mother-to-be welcomes the baby.

Sure there is, too content on various information for mother and fetus shaped articles, such as food recipes, reference baby names, and others.

Unforgettable, Friend Bumil also presented Fetal 360 content, which makes it easier to see fetal development including fetal organ development.

2. Apikuan

After give birth, well, one of the bud-growing apps you can download is Apikuan.

This applications specially designed for new parents in monitoring the growing of their children up to the age of 2 years.

Content in the nature of this child’s growing application is varied. Start from baby development description every the stage, the growth timeline, immunization schedule up to the daily records you can enter accordingly with the development shown by the Little One.

On the Playstore, this app gets a nice rating by getting 5.0 stars. and as it turned out, the application this was designed by cool students from the Faculty of Industrial Technology of Islamic University Sultan the Great (Unissula), you know.

3. My Prima

My Prima There it’s another country kid’s growing application. This children’s growing application was initiated by the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI).

This applications provide ease to parents as users to monitor growing children early, periodically and sustainably.

PrimaKu also gave a small questionnaire to detect delays in growing children’s development, which was also equipped with applicable stimulation methods lest a delay should occur.

There’s also PrimaKu developmental pre-screening (KPSP) questionnaire. By entering child data, starting from the date of birth, height, and head circumference, it will be visible whether growth The Little One is normal or not.

The most thing importantly, PrimaKu is directly connected to pediatricians throughout Indonesia, which is tailored to your domicile.

While yellowing this application, Moms will get a child ID or number that can be directly consulted to the pediatrician.

4. Chai’s Play

Application grows The last of the children’s blooms is Chai’s Play containing various educational game ideas for children and parenting info. This application is intended for parents with children ages 0-6 years.

Edukation game the offered is very diverse, encompassing the game’s cognitive and emotional fields, sensory and adherence, and more.

The game that it is recommended that even easy to make with a variety of simple utensils that can be found around the house.

All games adjusted to the age of the Little One, because before entering the application, Moms was required to fill in the child’s data first. This newly available app in Indonesian and Korean can be obtained gratis on the Playstore.

Final Words

Looking at its various strengths, it doesn’t hurt if you download these apps. In addition to being able to monitor, it can also stimulate growing baby blooms without having to go out of the house.

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