4 Cleaning Equipment Recommendations to Help You Clean Your Home in Ramadan

By | May 19, 2022

The moon of Ramadan is here. This means you have to prepare to set up and clean the house to keep it neat! But, with a good time, can you clean the house quickly and effectively?

That’s it, guys! The key: Take advantage of the sophistication of electronic equipment so that work is streamlined and doesn’t eat much energy. Come on, check here various electronic appliances that can help you clean up home practically!

Cleaning Equipment Recommendations

4 Cleaning Equipment Recommendations to Help You Clean Your Home After Eid

1. Vacuum so that you don’t have to clean the house

Thanks to the increasingly sophisticated technology, you are now rely enough on vacuum cleaning the house of dust and dirt. Samsung Canister Vacuum Cleaner can clean sofas, mattresses, up to home curtains with powerful vacuum cleaners and innovative brushes. As easy as it is, the little one can also use the Samsung Canister Vacuum!

You who are often dizzy sweeps away animal fur or hair loss? Samsung’s vacuum has CycloneForce technology with anti-collision turbines. You don’t have to clean your tangled hair with your hands. Not only is the dirt visible, this one vacuum cleaner also has a HEPA filter that can remove invisible viruses and bacteria.

2. Dishwasher so that all direct dining utensils are clean again

Wash dishes, let alone during fasting month so work is done? With a dishwasher in place, you can now save time and wash all your eating utensils with just one press!

Modena dishwasher has 2 main compartments: basket top for plates, glasses, and bowls and bottom for a hagged pan, glass lid, and spoons. There are 6 washing modes you can choose: Intensive, Normal, Eco, Crystal, Rapid, and Pre-Rinse. All your eating utensils will be clean back with advanced water spray and soap rinse technology!

3. Practical washing machine so that there is no need to wash manually

It’s time to wash the sheets, towels, or dirty clothes that already up. It must have felt lazy and pining to postpone it constantly. The easy solution, just leave everything to the Samsung washing machine that is ready to make laundry activities more enjoyable.

Samsung Front Loading washing machine can wash 8 kilograms clothes in one operation. This machine isn’t noisy, it’s electric, it even has a warranty of up to 11 years, you know. Its diamond-shaped tube design takes care of clothing fibers to keep them soft and comfortable when worn.

4. Smooth direct wear with steam ironing

Want knows a quick way to make your clothes wrinkle free without having to screw it back and forth one by one? Just use the standing steam iron as is commonly used by professional fashion shops. You’ll just press this steam iron a couple of times and then any shirt will come back looking neat and ready to fold. It’s more practical and power-efficient, isn’t it?


Well, there are 4 electronic appliances ready to lighten your burden to clean the house when the month of Ramadan comes! Thanks to the sophistication of technology, housework has become easier, right?

In exchange, you can spend more time getting together with family before Ramadan is over!

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