5 Modern Electric Stove Recommendations, Cooking Gets Easier

By | May 19, 2022

In modern times like today, electric stoves are becoming one of the many sought after types of stoves.

Not surprisingly, because electric stoves offer several advantages compared to conventional gas. For example, electric stoves tend to have modern designs, sophisticated settings, and practical use.

The problem is, among the many electric stoves available on the market, choosing the right product for you is not an easy thing. You need to be careful in choosing, so that the electric stove can be useful for everyday needs.

However, don’t get dizzy just yet. Yuk, check out the recommendations of some electric stoves with the famous brand quality below!

Modern Electric Stove

5 Modern Electric Stove Recommendations, Cooking Gets Easier

1. Maspion S300 (price approximately Rp130,000)

The Maspion S300 could be an option that just right for a boarding boy who needs practical cooking tools and just needs to cook simple foods like eggs and instant mi. In addition to being portable, this electric stove also comes with two practical power or wattage options.

2. Oxone OX-655D (price approximately Rp800,000)

Oxone OX-655D electric stove composed for two furnaces, so you could cook two dishes at once. The electric stove with this induction heating system has 600-800W power, with stainless steel material and a heat-resistant ceramic coating.

3. Modena PI-1316 (price approximately Rp1,300,000)

Modena PI-1316 having one stove furnace with a sleek and modern design, as well as easy to carry around. This electric stove also comes with several advanced features, such as heat level setting, child lock system, overheat safety, and auto shut-off.

4. Rinnai RB-3002H-CB (price approximately Rp4,750.000)

This electric stove from Rinnai has a simple design and modern with 2 furnaces. In addition, this electric stove also comes with several features, such as 9 customizable control options for cooking type, as well as a child lock that secures the stove from child’s reach.

5. Midea IC-1613 (price approximately Rp1,250,000)

Midea IC-1613 having heating system effective, so its energy use is more efficient. Coated with heat-resistant ceramics, this electric stove has about 800W of power with 8 levels of control selectable as needed.

Final Words

Those are some of the electric stove recommendations you can choose from. You could find such electric stoves in offline stores as well as subscription marketplaces.

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