5 Reliable Technologies That Help Indonesia’s Agricultural Industry

By | April 2, 2022

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, the agricultural sector brings a lot of good news to the Indonesian economy. That is not unrelated to the assistance of a number of technologies that help the agricultural industry.

With a number of agricultural technologies having a positive impact on this national sector, farmers can also increase productivity with a number of technological assistance. Such as Transplanter technology assistance to Waste Treatment Installation.

5 Reliable Technologies That Help Indonesia’s Agricultural Industry

Technologies Agricultural Industry

Streaming the Instagram page @the ministry of agriculture, Jakarta, the following are five mainstream Indonesian agricultural technologies:

1. Transplanter

The technology is in recommended by Kementan RI Litbang for rice planting matters. This technology increases rice production by up to 30 percent.

2. Indo Combine Harvester

Indo Combine Harvester is a tool for rice harvesting that facilitates in the process of cutting to rice harvesting.

3. Superior Seed Selector Machine

Such machines are widely used nursery companies for the selection stage of superior seedlings. For example used at selection of superior seedlings of Hybrid Corn.

4. Soybean Dryer

This soybean dryer capable of shortening the drying time normally performed for eight days shortened to one day.

5. Installation of Waste Treatment

By applying technology installation of sewage treatment, livestock waste can be converted into organic fertilizer. This became added value to the farm.


Encourage our farmers to make use of Indonesian-made agricultural technology. Come forward the future modern agricultural industry that utilizes the mechanization and information technology of the agricultural sector.

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