5 Technological Innovations for In-Home Growing

By | April 3, 2022

With the development of advanced technology, current plant lovers can easily experience the hobby of growing crops, even though they do not have even the land.

Below are a number of smart device recommendations that will allow anyone to be cultured whenever, anywhere. Here’s the review.

Innovations for In-Home Growing

5 Technological Innovations for In-Home Growing

1. Lüa Smart Planter

Nowadays, thanks to smart design, you can turn your favorite ornamental plant into a virtual pet with the ability to communicate its needs. Created by Vivien Muller of Mu Design, the Lüa smart planter can show 15 different kinds of animation emotions based on your plant’s feelings.

In addition to its gorgeous design, Laa also has functional features that help ensure your plants get what they need to grow. The sensors inside the pot that trigger the emotional animation can measure moisture, exposure to light, soil temperature, and movement so you won’t find any plantsYour anmu is dead and dry.

Lüa smart planter is also linked into an application where you can select plant types or adjust your own settings. In addition, the app will work even when your mobile phone is in offline state. Not only that, Lua also me being a fun interactive tool to help my kids know how to care for plants.

2. Nthing Planty

For those of you who are not has plenty of time at home, Nthing Planty is the right technology to keep your plants alive and healthy. This well-designed, WiFi-connected plant pot will monitor and water your plants automatically whenever needed.

Equipped with smartphone app, the users can also receive real-time push notifications regarding soil moisture, temperature and light exposure. By dialing just one button, all your plant needs can be met. If you are a beginner, this app also provides tips from professional farmer regarding how to care for good and correct plants.

3. Vincross Hexa

Water, sun, proper temperature becomes some element that ensures our home plants have a healthy life. If you have little access to the sun inside the house, Vincross Hexa is the right solution.

Shaped like spider, black and white robot is designed to look for the sun, find shade as well as look for water when your plants need it.

4. The Smart Garden

If you don’t have land wide enough to grow vegetation, then The Smart Garden can be very helpful. Having smart soil features inspired by NASA, the technology comes with a smart cultivation system, built-in water tank and lights that can help grow a wide variety of green vegetation such as vegetables, seasonings and flowers.

Table devices can consistently present nabies without monopolizing much of the valuable kitchen space.

5. Niwa

No soil, no worry! If you enjoy growing but don’t have much time, Niwa can be the solution. The indoor garden system that doesn’t require soil media at all can also be a pretty ornament within the house.

Devices that this hydroponic enamel has climate-controlled growing spaces, automatic irrigation, and energy-saving lighting, and is capable of growing fruits and vegetables including strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and green leafy vegetables.

Users can controlling and supervise their plants with Niwa companion applications that are very easy to operate. Not only that, but also users can choose the plants they want and create an environment in the incubator that is right for their plants. Throughout the cultivation process, users will be able to follow the development of their fruits and vegetables deep application experience.


So, wait what else? As the years grow, the more it brings forth new technologies that certainly help ease human work.

For one thing, you can grow plants easily indoors, without having to be afraid if you can’t take care of them, because there is already technological assistance.

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