5 The Unique Home Technology You Need

By | May 19, 2022

These days, it is certain that almost everyone uses a smartphone as a daily communication tool. The more advanced the technology is, the more extensive the function of the device is, not just used for phone calls and messaging.

For one thing, smartphones can now be used to control home appliances. Looking at these opportunities, many companies are starting to develop new technologies for home wear. It is a smart home device or smart home appliance.

Not only does it function like a regular appliance, the smart home device is connected to the smartphone so that it can work automatically. Well, if you’re interested in using it, here are ten unique smart home devices you might need!

Unique Home Technology

5 The Unique Home Technology You Need

1. Lights that can regulate their own particulars

Renowned electronics brand, Philips succeeded in creating innovation on the lights it produces. The name of the product is Philips Hue. This lamp can set its own level of description and color. Simply connect with Alexa, IFTT, or Siri, even Phillips Hue can operate properly.

2. Beds that can analyze habit sleep

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is a bed a highly multifunctional one. It is connected to smartphone applications such as Fitbit and Jawbone so that it can analyze our sleeping habits.

This smart bed will transmit the sleep pattern data every his day to our smartphones. Not only that, it can also adjust the degree of slowness, temperature, and tilt of the mattress. Sleep’s getting deeper and deeper!

3. A bowl of animal food that can fill itself

Are you worried that your pet is starving while out? There is now a smart feeder that you can use. Such devices will fill cat and dog food bowls automatically.

How to use it is easy, simply connect it with a smartphone, you can also schedule meals as well as proper portions for your favorite pets.

4. Flood detection apparatus

It’s the rainy season soon, here! It’s good to put up flood detection devices, especially for those of you living in vulnerable areas. This one technology has sensors to detect puddles.

When water starts to enter the house, the device will give alerts via application.

5. Lamp switches that can read news

This one’s light switch is a product the Amazon output. They named it Ecobee Switch+. Unlike other automatic switches, Ecobee has additional capabilities, namely being able to read you breaking news, weather forecasts, play music, and even control other smart home appliances.

You just have to connect it to Alexa, Apple’s Homekit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings Hub.

Final Words

Gee, so sophisticated, yes, the equipment mentioned! Would you be interested in having it? Which one caught your attention the most?

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