5 This Smartphone Technology Is Useful for Productivity

By | April 2, 2022

Various smartphone manufacturers have now been racing to make technologies and innovations that are superior and needed by many.

The development of smartphones from time to time continues to be driven with a variety of new innovations, ranging from advanced technologies, features complete, super camera to help productivity.

All of that is aimed at facilitating all human activity to further exploration. As for innovations presented in masa now is:

Smartphone Technology

5 This Smartphone Technology Is Useful for Productivity

1. Screen of 1 billion colors

This innovation to indulge users’ visuals through more vivid screen displays. With the ability to capture a billion colors the image will be increasingly realistic.

The presence of screen colors that accurate can be used by content creators to create visual content such as photos or videos.

2. Microscopic Cameras

Lens on smartphone cameras is already a wide variety. One of them is the ability of super micro lenses to capture the details of small objects on earth.

Microscopic camera can captures the smallest detail of the various objects that pass through the camera lens.

This feature could help the photographer took the needed photos despite using a smartphone.

3. PC Classroom Gaming

Just from the grasp of hand, HD-quality games could be played whenever and wherever. This is not unrelated to the increasingly qualified pace kitchen support.

With specification, playing PC-class games can be obtained through high-end smartphones. Moreover, smartphone memory support is also increasingly relieved.

It is age-old to the mobile professional gamers. In today’s times many mobile e-sport game tournaments are widely loved by millennials.

4. 5G Connectivity

5G connection can help users keep pace with the already fast-paced era. Users can stream and download at more speeds than usual.

Other benefits yang can be obtained from this support is smartphone service to school, college or working from home.

5. Superfast Charging and Wireless Charging

The more outside activity, then charging so important thing. For that, rapid charging innovation could help daily activities.

Currently there are already technologies that can charge battery until fully charged in less than 2 hours so it is reliable for essential circumstances.


The progress of today’s smartphones greatly helps ease human activities. Moreover, this smartphone advancement certainly adjusts to the development of the times, so how difficult human needs can surely be helped by the advances in smartphone technology which the creator is human itself.

Essentially, humans see what needs are currently in the middle of being needed, if indeed no technology has been able to fulfill them, then humans will create the technology themselves.

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