6 Environmentally Friendly Technology You Should Know

By | April 3, 2022

The issue of global warming is not once twice that we have heard. Such discussions on climate change make humans spurred on to create environmentally friendly technologies to prevent natural damage. There have been many innovations from eco-friendly technologies that are beneficial to sustain everyday life.

Everyone needs an environment that is clean and free from all forms of pollution, whether it is air pollution, soil pollution, or water pollution.

One of the factors is like the use of fossil energy sources. Because, it would be a bad thing for the survival of the earth if it is constantly dependent on fossil fuels and mines that bring many negative effects to the environment.

So, what are some examples of eco-friendly technology? Here’s an explanation.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

6 Environmentally Friendly Technology You Should Know

1. Windmill

Wind can be dimautilize as an alternative source of energy substituting fossil fuels. Wind energy can be utilized to drive propellers or mills that then produce other types of energy, such as electrical energy for various uses.

An a mill systemgin is an eco-friendly energy source that does not cause air pollution. Certainly this is in contrast to the electrical energy generated by nonrenewable fuels that gives a need impact to the atmosphere.

Example country applying eco-friendly technology windmill is Netherlands. In addition, application in Indonesia has been carried out in Sidrap PLTB.

2. Biogas

who would have thought animal feces can be utilized to produce biogas that are beneficial to meet human energy needs. Biogas are produced by the fermentation activity of organic materials. Actually not only animal excrement, human excrement and domestic waste can also be utilized as biogas.

Why filth be used as a source of energy? Because the presence of carbondioxide and methane in impurities is what is used as both vehicle and electric fuel. In addition to being cost-effective, biogas fuels are also more environmentally friendly and become intelligent solutions in waste management.

3. Lifetime Lights

The idea of creating lights a lifetime coming from students of Brawijaya University’s Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science. This energy-saving lamp is the answer to the issue of the energy crisis that is sweeping the earth.

As grows as a result, energy needs are also in a straight line with those conditions. While fossilized energy supplies are becoming more and more alarming. Reported by Tempo.co, a group of students from the university utilize bioluminescence bacteria to create a lifetime of lights.

Bacteria present in this squid body is capable of emitting blue colored light. The more the bacteria content, the brighter the lights will be.

Besides eco-friendly, the production cost consideration is economical as it can be used for life. Because, dead bacteria will produce new inducements.

4. Powerless Refrigerator

Need for pendi cabinetsngin has become a must for the people in Indonesia. This inspired the creation of a refrigerator or refrigerator without electricity made by Arya Nardhana and Sanika Putra, students of Al Azhar 14 Semarang Elementary School.

This electroless refrigerator made of styrofoam material, sand, as well as cold water. The refrigerator with this simple system is capable of keeping vegetables fresh for up to one week.

5. EcoATM

Though this technology has not been applied in Indonesia, it is expected that Indonesia will soon be able to adopt this eco-friendly machine technology. EcoATM is a kiosk or bridge that functions to buy back a user’s used mobile phone and MP3 Player automatically.

Divide which Running out of money in the middle of the month, this ATM is a lifesaver. The working machine analyzes the condition of the goods and looks for the highest price on the market. If the user agrees with what the machine offers, then the user simply takes the money.

EcoATM will sell both used cell phones and MP3 players to other users or recycle them. In addition to addressing financial problems, it can also prevent the leakage of harmful compounds to the ground and thus contribute to preserving nature.

6. Electric Cars

As we are know, the availability of fossil fuels is getting thin. Furthermore, the use of this type of fuel may result in environmentally destructive emissions. Accordingly, more eco-friendly electric car manufacturing innovations have emerged.

Despite the the amount of still losing away from conventional cars, it is expected that the use of this type of car will increase. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the treatment is also easier.


A green earth rich in biodiversity is both a gift and a gift from God. Sure as the most civilized creatures, it’s as if we play a more active role in preserving as well as preserving the living environment.

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