6 Money Making Applications, Reimbursement Makes Account Content Full!

By | May 19, 2022

Smart phones are now not only a means of communication, but also a means of profit-making or money. Making money is getting easier through apps available in Play Store’s official app store and App Store.

Such applications will give their users money on condition of running some requested missions, e.g. playing or downloading applications that are on the list.

Here’s a list of money-making applications summarized from various sources:

Money Making Applications

6 Money Making Applications, Reimbursement Makes Account Content Full!

1. Cash Step

Cash Step available in the Play Store and aims to monitor activity, physical progress and count the number of footsteps performed. The app will give its users a coin, 10 coins worth Rp1.

Users can exchange it if there are already 100 thousand coins or IDR 10 thousand in cash or phone bills.

2. App Karma

In application have a number of games. Distributed gifts can be exchanged for cash via Paypal or gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google, Itunes, Xbox Live and PlayStation.

3. Cash for Apps

The app claims it will pay people to download and use the sponsor app contained in it To use Cash for Apps, users must download the applications contained in the list.

Users can get a prize of points, 300 points worth US$1.

4. Cash Pop

Users can earn money by running missions, such as chatting, browsing, listening to music, playing games, social media and watching videos. Prizes distributed in forms ranging from pulses, data quotas, e-wallets, vouchers, streaming service, groceries, and viewing tickets.

5. WhatsAround

The buffalo fotograph could use the app, because WhatsAround asks users to upload photos. Gifts given can be exchanged through stores such as Amazon, App Store, and Play Store.

6. TikTok

One of the application this piece of social media also gives you the same benefits. However to earn money on TikTok is quite different from other apps. Users must create content and upload it.

Forbes adds right TikTok users have to create their own branding and understand the market and upload content according to the market’s wishes, then users will get a cue from it.


Rather than simply playing social media and spending the quota, it is better to utilize it to be able to earn money instead?

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