7 Fast, Best-of-Breed Money-making Apps on Android

By | May 7, 2022

Indonesia is among the highest countries about smartphone use. One that rules the smartphone system is Android. Most users utilize their smartphones to exist on social media.

If you want to be observant, there’s actually a lot we can do with smartphones, you know. One makes punches easily and quickly. All you need is a quota and a smartphone with a large memory.

Even a hobby of gaming on a mobile phone can be a money field, you know. How do I do that? The full check below is yes.

Best-of-Breed Money-making Apps on Android

7 Fast, Best-of-Breed Money-making Apps on Android

1. Cash Gift

Cash Gift claims have disbursed more than Rp13 billion for millions of users. There are many advantages that this one application has. Among them is a small payout amount of 3 dollars only.

In addition, the reedem actually is relatively fast, as it can go into a PayPal account in just a matter of minutes.

This application using the point system, 1,000 points is equivalent to 1 dollar. Points can be earned by watching ads, installing apps, and working on tasks that apps provide.

2. Grab Points

Make you that could not download or install the application due to memory limitations, you can select Grab Points as an alternative. This money-making app keeps you able to earn points just by watching videos and filling out surveys.

Other ways you can use to get rewards is invite friends or share app references with them, do registration as well as try certain site services.

Not only that, You can also watch GrabPoints TV (you can get 20 points every 10 minutes), as well as try payment for a product.

3. Cash for Apps

Its use is simple. To earn points, you can download, install, and play certain features in the Cash for Apps app. Every 300 points, it can be exchanged for a dollar bill.

Later this point can be cashed in via Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, GameStop, Starbucks, Best Buy, and so on. Unfortunately, payment cannot be made via PayPal yet.

Average points you can get every installation of the app is 50-400 points, depending on the offer. With this amount, you can achieve points a lot in a short time.

4. appKarma Reward & Gift Card

AppKarma Reward & Gift application Card is also one of the quite popular ones in Indonesia. Finished installing the application, you just choose the available offers to get points, including:

  1. Installing and playing the appbreast milk.
  2. Routine open was application downloaded.
  3. Following Karma Quizzez, i.e. answer some questions correctly to get money.
  4. Achieving “Achievement Badges”, i.e. the award earned when reaching a specific target. For example the target installs 20 applications, promotes the application to a number of friends, etc.
  5. Inviting friends via r code efferal.

But his weakness is not bad.sa, that is, the method of payment. In Indonesia, you can only cash from appKarma Reward & Gift Card via PayPal only.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

If you don’t like ribbons, you have to install and use the app, you can try “Google Opinion Rewards”. As the name suggests, you only need to write down opinions in the survey column provided by Google.

You have to fill it in.an is true and valid if you want to get points. But take it easy, the questions asked are not difficult. Examples are like, “When do you plan on going on a trip or traveling?” or “Which logo do you think is the best?” It’s easy, right?

6. Showbox

Currently, ten million users already installed Showbox. On average they can make around $25 or Rp375 thousand just by playing games in this app. For those of you who have a hobby of gaming, Showbox can definitely be an alternative.

This applications wear a point system, 1,000 points accumulated equivalent to 1 dollar. This point can be you can either watch video games, try new games that are released, or win games competitions.

Average you will get 30-500 points for each successful bid. This point can be disbursed when it reaches a minimum of 5 dollars. For those who don’t have a PayPal account, you can exchange it for a gift card and a mobile carrier’s pulse.

7. WHAFF Reward

TEMPORARY, WHAFF Reward is the most installed rewards app on the Google Play Store. Just like all six of the above money-making apps, there are a number of offerings that we can later choose from such as downloading, installing, up to playing the apps that are on the WHARF Reward list.

Yan wage magnitude will we accept ranging from 0.1-1 dollars, depending on location or country of user. In addition, there will still be more fees if you can complete the premium offer.

There are three types of pencircle the funds already raised, first through PayPal. Both pulse-passing mobile carriers such as Telkomsel, Axis, Tri, Indosat, IM3, XL, and so on. The last is the iTunes balance, Google Play, Playstation, Steam, LoL, Karma, Amazon, Facebook, Minecraft, Blizzard, and Skrill.

Final Words

Pretty easy, right? Rather than just exist on social media and stacking the former, it’s better to dig up money from the fastest money-making app on android, right? Happy try!

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