7 Home Appliances with Advanced Technology

By | April 2, 2022

When a household assistant returns home, you will find it difficult to clean your own house. One solution you can experience is to use tools or home appliances with advanced technology that can help with homework.

It is commonplace when household assistants apply for permission to go homecoming or leave from their jobs. As a result, those of you who are busy with office work must also feel the need to finish homework during the absence of a household assistant.

Household assistant departure makes you have to intervene yourself doing homework. Not surprisingly, this situation is often a nightmare for those who rely on household assistant every day.

7 Home Appliances with Advanced Technology

To this end, the role of home appliances with advanced technology is urgently needed. Such devices will help you to clean the house quickly as well as satisfactory results.

There are currently many advanced home appliances. His duties range from cleaning the floor to watering the plants.

Home Appliances

Surely you are curious about the unique home appliance innovation in question. For this reason he is 7 household tools with advanced technology capable of replacing the role of home assistant while homecoming. Let’s go!

1. Dishwasher Modena

The home technology you can take advantage of is the Dishwasher Modena WP-2060S. These advanced nan household tools can help you to clean dishes, glasses, or other furniture easily and quickly.

You just put the dishes in the machine, put the washing soap in the available boxes, and set the dish cleaning time. Wait a while and even your dishes have been washed clean. Price Dishwasher Modena sold starting at Rp4,872,000.

2. Black and Decker A2B650

The advanced home appliances you can try are the Black and Decker A2B650. This lift represents a vacuum cleaner that has a smooth sound.

In its operation, this home appliance innovation has pedals located in the suction head section so as to be safer and more practical.

Another advantage is that it comes with a 3.5 meter-long cable that can be automatically tidied with a power lock button. Divide yang interested, you could buy this tool for Rp526,000 in Tokopedia or other e-commerce.

3. Sharp Air Purifier FPF-30Y

Clean and fresh air is urgently needed for home to become more comfortable. For the purpose of realizing this desire, the solution is to innovate a household tool called Sharp Air Purifier FPF-30Y.

This sophisticated household appliance is capable of cleaning, refreshing and clearing the air in the room. You will be protected from all bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors that are in the chambern.

The superiority of this one household technology is that it does not consume much electric power, which is only 27 watts. For those interested, Sharp Air Purifier FPF-30Y is sold at e-commerce and stores offline at around Rp1,355,000.

4. Sharp Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y

You must like to be annoyed by the stains that are sanding on the clothes. Sometimes those stains are hard to remove even if they have been washed many times. To address such issues, you should use Sharp Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y.

Such advanced home appliances are shaped like pens. Later you will have to attach Sharp Ultrasonic to the stain on the garment and wait for this a while until the stain goes away.

Sharp Ultrasonic itself uses bubbles and 38,000 vibrations per second to remove stains. Guaranteed all stains on clothes can be clean without having to ask household assistant for help. Sharp Ultrasonic prices are priced starting at Rp600,000.

5. Philips SmartPro Easy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It’s called Philips SmartPro Easy Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Not only can it be removed working alone, this vacuum robot can also reach the furthest area that conventional vacuum cleaners usually cannot reach.

You could create a 24-hour scheduling, thus allowing you to set up an all-day cleaning session time in the corners of the house. For those interested, this household technology is streamlined starting from a price of Rp5,000,000.

6. Samsung Digital Inverter Eco Bubble

The next state-of-the-art household tool is Samsung Digital Inverter Eco Bubble. This washing machine has a considerable washing capacity of up to 10 kg and a drying capacity of 6 kg.

In addition, this home appliance innovation is equipped with Eco Bubble technology that serves to mix water and detergent into better foam and absorb faster into the fiber cloth.

This product is suitable to help you if ART is on Eid homecoming or holiday leave. Those interested you can purchase this Samsung Eco Bubble at e-commerce and offline stores with price Rp1,600,000.

7. Xiaomi 1A Smart Water Purifier

The Xiaomi 1A Smart Water Purifier is a device capable of cleaning water in your homes. This household technology is capable of eliminating harmful microorganisms and could produce 400 gallons of clean water per day.

Xiaomi Water Purifier 1A is suitable for those who want to consume clean water every day at home. For those interested, you could purchase this product at e-commerce or online stores at prices starting at Rp3,900,000

Final Words

So is the information regarding 7 tools or home appliances with the latest advanced technology you can buy this year. Hope this information is helpful.

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