[Amateur Recording] Sam Waisbren Elevator Video Twitter Reddit

By | September 25, 2023

Amateur video footage of Sam Waisbren Elevator Video Twitter Reddit which is currently circulating widely on social media, so far the CCTV footage circulating on the internet has quickly attracted attention sam waisbren elevator video this.

A Manhattan man who was crushed to death by a malfunctioning elevator in his luxury apartment home died of blunt force injuries to his neck and torso, the city’s Medical Examiner’s Officer said Friday.

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Sam Waisbren Elevator Video Twitter Reddit

A CCTV recording circulating on the internet is currently attracting a lot of attention sam waisbren elevator Currently, with the video recording circulating, of course many agents are curious about the complete video.

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Sam Waisbren Elevator

Waisbren was hit by an elevator in the Manhattan Promenade tower on Third Avenue near East 25th Street just after 8:15 a.m., police said. Surveillance video of the horrific accident obtained by The Post shows Waisbren trying to escape the crowded elevator as it falls from the lobby into the tunnel below, but he is pinned between the elevator car and the wall of the shaft.

On Friday, the city’s Department of Investigation said they were investigating the death, but did not explain the focus of their investigation.

The DOI is responsible for “investigating and referring cases to criminal prosecution of fraud, corruption, and other illegal activities committed by City employees, contractors, and others doing business with the City,” according to its website.

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