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Manfaat Temulawak dan Kunir Putih bagi Kesehatan Tubuh

Temulawak atau yang memiliki nama latin (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) adalah tanaman herbal asli Indonesia yang kerap dimanfaatkan untuk mengobati berbagai masalah kesehatan, mulai dari kurang nafsu makan, gangguan lambung, sembelit, diare, demam, radang sendi, hingga gangguan fungsi hati. Tapi tidak hanya itu saja ternyata temulawak memiliki beragam khasiat yang jarang semuanya ketahui salah satunya tanaman ini… Read More »

4 Cleaning Equipment Recommendations to Help You Clean Your Home in Ramadan

The moon of Ramadan is here. This means you have to prepare to set up and clean the house to keep it neat! But, with a good time, can you clean the house quickly and effectively? That’s it, guys! The key: Take advantage of the sophistication of electronic equipment so that work is streamlined and… Read More »

5 Modern Electric Stove Recommendations, Cooking Gets Easier

In modern times like today, electric stoves are becoming one of the many sought after types of stoves. Not surprisingly, because electric stoves offer several advantages compared to conventional gas. For example, electric stoves tend to have modern designs, sophisticated settings, and practical use. The problem is, among the many electric stoves available on the… Read More »

5 These Kitchen Appliances Are Highly Sophisticated and Must Try

For most housewives, activities in the kitchen such as cooking are already a daily routine. To support cooking activities, certainly housewives or you need a complete kitchen appliance. In addition you also need sophisticated modern kitchenware. With sophisticated kitchen utensils, then cooking activities become more efficient, fast and, not taking long. To this end, here… Read More »

4 Advanced Home Cleaning and Emphasizing Work

As the times progress, everything that humans need is already available through technology, including cleaning equipment. Currently, there are quite a few advanced home cleaning electronic devices on the market, which help the task of cleaning the house become faster and lighter. Neither will the body experience any pain such as back pain, bruised knees,… Read More »