Here It Is 5 Products Processed Creative Food Technology

By | April 2, 2022

Food technology majors teach students a lot about how to process a foodstuff, produce it, up to packaging it so that its nutritional value is maintained and can be consumed properly.

If noticed, the results of this creative food technology have resulted in a myriad of food products that people can enjoy to date. In fact, some foodstuffs are familiar and become idola in the middle of society. Here are 10 food processed products from highly creative food technology.

Here It Is 5 Products Processed Creative Food Technology

Creative Food Technology

1. Tempe

Tempe, sais one idol in Indonesia. This festive low-cost food has a high nutritional content especially protein because it is made from soy beans. Tempe is made by adding a fermentation process to soy beans.

Peanuts to shall be placed on a container with a wide diameter and added yeast. Then, it is closed for several days until it turns into a tempe. The taste of the tempe is very savory and can be processed into several eating ingredients.

2. Oncom

Same like tempe, oncom is a food made with the concept of fermentation. Not from soy beans, but oncom are made from tofu dregs that are then given a mushroom called Neurospora Sitophila.

Oncom was there have been since the time of ancient Indonesian ancestors and this food can also be processed into various other good dishes.

3. Nata de Coco

Nata de coco has a chewy texture with a sensation of fresh taste when eaten. This product is made from coconut water fermented for several days.

Fermentation process to make this product nata de coco is aided by a bacterium called acetobacter xylinum which is certainly how to make it will be studied in a technology major food.

As per the dictates is well known that nata de coco can be processed into a variety of processed beverages such as drinking only with sugar water, syrup, or as a mixture of fruit ice.

4. Bread

Bread can be drill is one of the creative results of food technology as well as using fermentation techniques especially in the process by which the dough becomes inflate. Fermentation to the making of this bread is performed by adding yeast to the dough wherein the yeast contains an ingredient called saccaromyces cerevisiae mushroom.

Bread is very popular among the public as a filling food. In addition to being processed into the main food, bread is also often cooked to be made as dessert with eat ice cream, etc.

5. Tape

Tape is very popular, especially among rural communities. Tape is made from several carbohydrate-containing foodstuffs such as cassava, glutinous rice, and bananas.

In manufacturing process, the fermentation process is also used by adding yeast and then covering it tightly for several days. This mixture will produce the product a tape that is sweet and sometimes a little watery.


Those are at least 5 food products that are tangible evidence of the creativity of food biotechnology. Because of the ever-evolving science, it is not unlikely that the food production output of this food technology will increase more and more over time.

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