How Can You Add a New Row To a Table in Word

By | October 24, 2023

Click in a cell above or below where you want to add a row. Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, do one of the following: To add a row above the cell, click Insert Above in the Rows and Columns group. To add a row below the cell, click Insert Below in the Rows and Columns group.

Under Table Tools, click Layout. This opens options for inserting rows and columns, plus other table options. Place your cursor anywhere in the table where you want to add a column or row. To insert a row, click Insert Above or Insert Below.

When working with tables in Word, you may find it necessary to add additional rows or columns or delete them according to the needs of your work. Word allows this, and we’ll show you how you can insert or delete such columns or rows.

The table tools in Word are easy to use, but before adding or removing table components, you must insert a table in your Word document. Let’s see how to add a table in Word where you can add additional rows and columns or delete them.

How Can You Add a New Row To a Table in Word

To insert a table in Word, follow the steps below.

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert the table.
  2. Go to the Insert tab and click the Table option under the Table group.
  3. A dropdown appears, where you can insert a table with up to 8 rows and 10 columns. Select the appropriate number of rows and columns and click the left mouse button to insert the required table.

If you want to insert a table with different dimensions, select the Insert Table… option. The Insert Table dialog box appears, where you can insert the required number of rows and columns. Click the OK button or just use the Enter key.

As you will now see, a table has been inserted into the document at the cursor position. Depending on your needs, you may need to add more rows or columns to your table or remove them.

Now that the table is in your Word document, let’s see how to add or remove rows and columns to it. We will enter example data into a table to make it easier to understand adding and deleting rows and columns.

The following steps show you can add a row above or below a specific cell in a table in Word. To add more than one row, you must repeat the steps depending on your need for additional rows.

Place your cursor in the table cell where you want to insert the new column. You can only insert new columns to the left or right of the cell where your cursor is.

Click the right mouse button to open the related menu and enter the Insert option. When hovering over it, a secondary menu will appear, where you can select Insert Row Above or Insert Row Below, depending on your needs.


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