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By | July 15, 2023

Https // 32bit https // – Have you ever wished you could play FPS genre games on mobile? Although there are currently a lot of popular titles of the FPS genre on the market.

But there are still many things that we still cannot find in PUBG Mobile, Free Fire or Rules of Survival. For example like Bomb mission mode!

Your longing to be able to return to nostalgia by playing the classic Counter-Strike (CS) mode can now finally be found in https // 32bit https // (COD Mobile).

But wait a minute.Of course COD Mobile is different from the legendary FPS Counter Strike game. Of course, despite the same genre, the gameplay is different. Yup, Know What It Is https // 32bit https //

About Https // 32bit https //

Https // 32bit https // is a free game developed by TiMi Studios and published for Android and iOS devices. The Game was officially released on October 1, 2019 and announced back in March 2019.

During a series of closed beta tests in India, Australia and Canada.The Game was downloaded over 35 million times within three days of its release and grossed over $2 million.

Just one week after the release of the game, COD Mobile surprised by managing to reach 100 million downloads and a turnover of more than 18 million dollars. https // 32bit https // The success made COD Mobile the biggest mobile game launch of all time.

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Gameplay in Call Of Duty Mobile Test Server Season 10

Before playing the multiplayer mode, you have the option to choose between three types of play: Normal, rated, or private. Of course, ranked matches give you the feeling of Competitive Play, measure your performance, and match you against opponents based on your skills.

So far, COD Mobile offers a variety of modes to satisfy the passion for PC-style FPS games on mobile.The modes are Free for All, Frontline, Bomb Mission, Domination, and Team Deathmatch.

Mostly it is a team game mode in which 2 teams of 5 players call of duty mobile test server season 10 face each other. One-on-one battle Mode is free for all.

Beyond multiplayer, COD Mobile developers are also paying close attention to emerging trends in the mobile esports market; that’s why COD Mobile also presents a Battle Royale mode to compete with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Battle Royale style Call Of Duty Mobile Test Server Season 10

Like the battle royale genre in general, Call Of Duty Mobile Test Server Season 10 is back and feels like playing the PC version of Call of Duty. To enjoy this mode you must first reach level 7.

In this game mode, 100 players compete against each other on the same map. This Mode can also be played alone or in groups with variations: 2 or 4 people.

With the iconic opening scene that starts the game, players perform the action of a free fall from the plane as usual. If you play as a team, you can choose freefall along with your team leader.

The game ends with only one person left, having managed to survive the atrocities of the war in a shrinking place.

Link Download 64bit Https // 32bit https //

Well, if you can’t wait anymore because you want to immediately play the game that is currently trending and popular, then you don’t have to worry because of the link 64bit Https // 32bit https // here, you can directly download it for free.

Just don’t linger anymore you can see and download the game application call of duty mobile test server season 10 which we have provided through the table below.

Application NameCall Of Duty Mobile Test Server Season 10

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