Sinopsis Dandadan Anime Read Online Seiko Ayase

By | December 4, 2023

Do you know the name Seiko Ayase of course, this name is already familiar to anime fans, are you one of them? but if you don’t know, don’t feel like you’re missing out because here you will get all the answers.

Seiko Ayase is a Dandadan manga series which is currently very popular among anime lovers, of course we are sure that if you enter our discussion, you will be looking for information dandadan read online?

She is a famous psychic also named Santa Dodoria (ドドリ太 Dodoria Santa?) and the grandmother of Momo Ayase. While carrying out her duties, Seiko provides support to Momo and her friends as they become involved with spirits, aliens, and other paranormal activities.

Are you curious about the further story? so you can find out more about it below.

Dandadan Anime Read Online Seiko Ayase

Despite being a grandmother, Seiko has the appearance of a slim woman in her prime. He has long white hair which he usually ties in a large knot, wears glasses, and is sometimes seen smoking.

On top of her youthful appearance, Seiko has been famous and known for her beauty that others might describe her as enchanting. Because of this, many mistook her for Momo’s mother and were shocked to find out her true relationship with the girl.

In terms of height, he seemed to stand no taller than his grandson. When in public, Seiko wears a large-buttoned sweater open revealing a cross-strap top, a jacket with a symbol on the back, hoop earrings, and sandals.

When at home, Seiko prefers to wear tank tops, shorts, haramaki, long socks, and arm warmers. As Santa Dodoria, Seiko wears a mask, sharp-tipped gloves and a cloak covering his entire body.

In the past when Momo was a child, Seiko wore the respectful attire of a shrine maiden and had her hair tied in a regular ponytail.

Seiko Ayase Dandadan Anime

Seiko has an apathetic personality with a very rude way of speaking. At the same time, he is selfless and empathetic to help others in need whenever he can, the best example of which is him inviting people into his home if they need a place to stay.

Therefore, he follows the concept of “being in it together.” Instead of receiving huge compensation from Okarun for looking after her when she was cursed by Granny Turbo, Seiko tells him that the only way he can repay her is by helping others who are in trouble.

While involving herself with children, Seiko believes that, as an adult, she should be able to shoulder the children’s burdens so that they are free to do whatever they want in life.

Because of this, he felt sad that he could not fulfill Jiji’s wish in helping him control the Evil Eye so that the yokai would not be expelled. Although willing to help others, Seiko is too proud to admit when he himself needs help or burdens others with his problems, after initially rejecting Okarun and Mr. Seiko.

The Mantis Shrimp offers to help rebuild its destroyed home after the presence of the Evil Eye. Seiko can also come across as a bit immature, such as when she teases Momo for having a crush on Okarun, due to him having the same name as Ken Takakura, and her grandson does a Hiroshi Abe impression in return for having to do it. bought him a new school uniform.

Despite this and her impolite way of speaking, Seiko can be polite if she feels she has done something wrong that involves another person’s well-being. This side of the Seiko is seen as rare and characterless to those who know it well.

Although she claims to never be moved by emotions, Seiko subconsciously likes people who compliment her, such as her youthful appearance which she is very proud of. As a spirit medium, Seiko follows the rules of coexistence between the living and the dead, namely not respecting the dead and sending them to the afterlife, using violence if necessary, if they choose to attack the living.


How do you already know Sinopsis Dandadan Anime Read Online Seiko Ayase that shared above? We hope that our explanation and information can provide an explanation that is quite accurate and also useful. Thank you and see you in another discussion.

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