Sinopsis Quest Supremacy Chapter 107 Manhwa

By | October 9, 2023

Quest Supremacy Chapter 107 is the latest series which is currently revealing that someone, namely Kim Soohung, Yang Gukja and Gu Hajun, was able to become stronger through an ascension mission. So of course, here we will immediately share further information below.

Overall, the previous chapter of Quest Supremacy was a complete roller-coaster ride for fans. They enjoy lots of action and bloodshed. It’s clear from this chapter that the director put a lot of effort into it.

Therefore, the excitement of this chapter 107 of this action-fantasy manhwa series  is at its peak among the fans. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next release of Quest Supremacy chapter 105. Unfortunately, we do not have any spoilers for this chapter, and therefore cannot provide any information to the fans.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 107 Manhwa

The previous chapter opened with a cool Kim Soohung panel. He planned to deal with the people from Gangbuk West High School alone. He is in a bad mood, suggesting that if they behave like this, they are making things simpler for him.

He didn’t know who he was dealing with. It was his overconfidence that soon cost him more than anything else. Next, we see Im Tae’s men surrounding Kim and threatening him. We learn in the panel that Im Taekyung held them hostage in this place. And this is where Im Taekyung took them hostage.

The long-awaited moment finally arrived, “We see Kim Soohung in action.” He was holding two of Im Taekyung’s men. Looks like Kim has beaten them badly. In the next panel, we see Im Taekyun preparing to take Kim down. He is one of the five greatest people in this manhwa series. Even Kim would probably be in deep trouble to take him down quickly.

Besides, he had hostages, so Kim couldn’t act rashly either. If he bought some time, he believed the other four great players would definitely get here. Im Taekyung suspected Kim was worried. He suggested Kim should have thought more about the consequences beforehand.

Out of nowhere, Yang Cheonhak offered Kim his help in defeating Im Taekyung. He suggests that Kim should hand Im Taekyung over to him and leave immediately. Im Taekyung makes fun of Yang Cheonhak and his weaknesses. Yang tells Kim that she has to go and take Soha somewhere safe! With Yang Cheonhak’s help, Kim managed to escape safely.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 107

Tells the story of a weak and often bullied child named Ha Dowan. One day he died of exhaustion from overexertion, playing too many games all night for a week. After he died, he was resurrected by a system. And his life returns to a time point a week before his previous death date.

He finally got back up and lived. Not only that, a Quest system appeared in front of him. The quest felt very real and now his life has changed. With the various QUESTS he completes, DOwan gets various special abilities that are very useful for his life, especially for defeating bullies at his school.

Quest Supremacy is a manhwa that has quite a lot of episodes. However, fans of this manhwa will be happy with the character development and interesting storyline.

Quest Supremacy is a manhwa (comic) from South Korea that tells the story of a child who is initially weak and often becomes a victim of bullying, but then learns how to fight and becomes strong.

The reason is, the latest update will introduce many new things in the story, starting from the appearance of a new map to revealing the weaknesses of the characters in the story.

This manhwa was created by Lee Joo-woon as the writer and Taesong as the illustrator. Quest Supremacy is a work that carries the youth, fantasy and action genres, with an interesting background, namely a school.


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