How to View TikTok Profile Impressions Activate Latest Features

How to View TikTok Profile Impressions Activate Latest Features
How to View TikTok Profile Impressions Activate Latest Features

Hello everyone, this time will provide the latest feature info update in the TikTok application.

For those of you who like to play social media Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Twitter will be helped by this latest feature.

The addition of features provided by the application makes its users more comfortable to linger using the TikTok application.

The latest feature of the TikTok application you can see the history of people who have visited your account profile, then all the video content you post.

With features like this will help the account owner to know who the names of other users who kepo with your profile.

The end of knowing the name of another user account could be the account is an ex-boyfriend, crush, or someone you like?

It could have happened.

Okay, mimin will tell you a tutorial on how to activate the latest TikTok feature on your account. Listen to this article until it is finished in the sub discussion having important information related to the latest TikTok features.

Viewing TikTok Profile Impressions

How The TikTok Profile Viewing Feature Works
How The TikTok Profile Viewing Feature Works

Viewing TikTok profile impressions is the latest feature provided by the TikTok application, to enjoy this feature you must update TikTok to the latest version.

The feature of viewing TikTok profile views will help account owners the names of other users who have visited on the video profile page that has been posted.

Before you use the TikTok profile airing feature, you must first press the Active button to activate it.

For a discussion of how TikTok profile impressions work to how to activate them, let’s look at the next sub menu.

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How The TikTok Profile Viewing Feature Works

The workings of this latest feature should also be known to you in order to better understand the presence of this latest feature.

So how the TikTok profile viewing feature works is that during the duration of the last 30 days the account owner will know the history of other TikTok users who have visited your profile.

More appropriate slang terms are appropriate in situations like this word stalking profile.

If you have a lot of fans or fans will certainly find the number of people stalking your account more and more.

If you haven’t activated the profile view feature, don’t expect to see other users ‘ account names.

Link for Update TikTok Latest Version

Before starting to activate the latest feature of TikTok, mimin provides a quick link for you to use to update TikTok on your cellphone easily.

Please click the link below, if you do not put the update button, it means that you are already using the latest version of the TikTok application.

How To View TikTok Profile Show On Activate

This discussion is what you will be waiting for to use the latest features as well as enable viewing TikTok profile impressions.

The steps are very easy for you to follow on your cellphone, let’s see as follows :

  1. Make sure you have updated the TikTok application first
  2. Select belogo profile menu to people
  3. If already in advanced profile click the top right corner of the line three
  4. Select the Privacy menu
  5. Scrool to the bottom there is an eye logo profile impressions
  6. Then on click
  7. The last step shifts the circle until it is green
  8. If it is green, it means that it is active TikTok’s latest feature
  9. and ready to use.
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Final Words

This is the information that mimin conveyed about the latest feature of airing TikTok profiles, which is now the subject of searching for people to participate in activating this feature.

The existence of this latest feature, will benefit you in addition to displaying the account name of other users.

This feature also provides information on the number of traffic users that small businesses need as a marketing medium on TikTok.

Don’t miss today’s viral news, which you should read to add update info that is viral now.

Hopefully useful information about the TikTok profile viewing feature until also in the next viral article, See you!

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